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Total solution of scale & Hard water..

Welcome to Sudarshan Technology :

INDIA'S Leading anti-scale systems
Shree Sudarshan Brand in water conditioner & water treatment is well known in India, in past 10 years we have achieved Big highs mainly in Agriculture and Domestic segments! With Electro-Magnet technology our successes rate is over 90% since last 10 years!


New Sudarshan capacitance impulse technology releases...programmed complexed module line High electronic frequency through copper cable coil winding on pipes. This capacitance impulse frequency effectively change & prevent different size of water molecules likely to form scale, impulse frequency same time breaks the Hydrogen Bond between opposite water molecules, this Results breakdown of large minerals crystals into tiny minerals particles and flush them away along with water in due course of time...

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Capacitance Impulse 4 Stage Model

(Design applied for patent)

Sudarshan capacitance 4 stage water treatment model

Technology is most effective & advanced in recent time in india, our 4 stage model releases high impulse frequency from all 4 corners of the unit to treat every dropπŸ’§of water effectively, Our inbuilt High Amplitude volt impulse technology penetrate water deep inside upto center of the pipe, 4 stage model devide the single water flow into 4, without reducing pressure and keep water longer time under impulse frequency effect for assured Result and Better De-scaling treatment.

Industrial Applications

"Water" the inevitable coolant in the industries, becomes an issue of concern when traces of Calcium, Magnesium integrated with Carbonates, Bicarbonates or Sulphates are found in term of 'HARD WATER'. Minerals in water create problem when they collect, compact and form scales. The problems posed by such 'HARD WATER' to industry are costly and time consuming as far the de-scaling & cleaning of industrial equipments are concerned.


Sudarshan technology have additional benifits :


Just fit & forget! Our units have zero maintenance cost no recurring cost, one time investment for long life!

100% Eco-friendly

Sudarshan technology contributes to save world 🌎 for not using hazardous chemicals, Resins, salts for water treatment, our technology is 100% Environment friendly.

No Chemicals, No Salts, & No Magnetism

Apart from chemicals & salt our technology abstained MAGNET & ELECTRO MAGNET because Magnet has very limited effects near wire & Effect last 24 to 48 hrs only. While IMPULSE last 5-7 days!

Efficient for All Pipes

Technology is suitable for all types of material pipes, like steel, G.i., Copper, S.S. P.V.C, etc.


We feel proud to contribute in water saving movement though our Technology, in Agriculture we claim to save water 20% to 30% depending on salinity of water, In Domestic & Industries sector we equally save water! We have used FIRST STAGE R.O. WASTE Water by using our technology, (Generally waste water is thrown away!) SAVE WATER SAVE WORLD 🌎

How is Sudarshan Anti Scale System Different?

Electromagnetic Water Conditioner Vs. Sudarshan Anti Scale System
Water Softeners Vs. Sudarshan Anti Scale System


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Sudarshan water treatment technology is leading Mfr. Company in India having its own developed capacitance IMPULSE technology with 4 stage water softening process units for guaranteed solution of Hard water & scale.

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