About US

Shree Sudarshan Brand in water conditioner & water treatment is well known in India, in past 10 years we have achieved Big highs mainly in Agriculture and Domestic segments! With Electro-Magnet technology our successes rate is over 90% since last 10 years!

Now as per the demand and requirements of New Era, our Highly skilled technical and research team has Developed a new Advanced, Effective and Unique " Capacitance IMPULSE technology" This technology is uniquely different from old, Because it is not related to Magnetisms and Magnetic field, its a capacitance Impulse frequency...highly advance, microcontroller based, systematically programmed by computer software.

Capacitance Impulse technology releases...programmed complexed Modulating High Impulse frequency through Special Copper Bends winding on pipes, Our 4 stage patented model multiply the frequency effect on Hard water minerals and make water more soluble indeed.

The capacitance Impulse frequency Efficiently charge & prevent different size of high minerals water molecules likely to Form Scale, same time it Breaks the Hydrogen Bond between opposite water molecules with high frequency, This Results the breakdown of Large minerals Crystals into tinny Nano Mineral particals & disabled them to flush along with water

*Ca(HCO3)2 + impulse -> CaCo3 + CO2 + H2O * = Calcium carbonate converts into Bi-carbonate. ( Non soluble partcals covert into soluble particals) This positively charged ions in water now Results Scale free,Non corrosive and Best solvent Water. This miraculous physical changes in water possible only due to our New Advanced capacitance impulse technology 4 stage model

We are 1st choice because our technology have following qualities

💧 24v & 36v Operational.

💧 Signal Strength:more then 2 Feet.

💧 Wattage:7.5 Watts & more.

💧 Zero maintenance,25 years life!

💧 Ripple Filter Added For Clean Signal.

💧 10 Programs.

💧 Output Coil Length: Upto 4 Meters x 4 stages.

💧 100% Clean Impulse Signal.

💧 Double excitation frequency type.

💧 Max Pipe Diameter:6" to 20".

💧 Frequency Range: 3-32 khz x 4 stages.

💧 ESD Protection From Lightening.

💧 Power Control Circuit Added.

💧 24V / 36 v SMPS Works From 100V-240V.

💧 Consumes little electric power aprox cost 1200 INR per year!

💧 Water remains treated for 5 to 7 days.

💧 Automatic Reset backup last active program.

💧 Our instruments works on 24x7 facility non stop.

💧 Our Impulse voltage amplitude is 400v to 500v volt impulses ( no one give in india now!)

💧High amplitude volt impulse frequency can penetrate high flow water, it has strong volt power support to reach upto center of the pipe for effective Result & De-scale process, you can see in following image 👇🏻

High Amplitude

Low Amplitude


💧 Long experience over 10years

💧 We use Best and standard quality materials, as device has 20years Life!

💧 we surely give Money back guarantee if NO result found, costumers satisfaction is our priority.

💧 We have all Range, size Models as per our clients Requirements & Budget.

💧 Our products are of Best colours, Design, & packing Quality, ( just fit & forget)

💧 all over the world 🌍 we are most affordable price wise in impulse technology and Best in performance,Quality & Design!

💧 Our impulse technology have ( TWO WAY) DOUBLE EXCITATION strong frequency wave flow for excellent performance shown in GIF

Sudarshan water treatment technology is leading Mfr. Company in India having its own developed capacitance IMPULSE technology with 4 stage water softening process units for guaranteed solution of Hard water & scale.

Head Office:
Cidco colony,
sectors 18. C/5/28. 1st floor, Panvel, New Bombay,
Phone : +91-98204-74954