Hard water is a Big issue in Residential sectors, people are fed up by scaling problems and irritating reactions of Hard water, But we have the permanent solution of your all worries for Life long....! With the use of Shree Sudashan Water Softner all the appliance, tools, floors, tiles, bathroom fittings, shower, washing machine, pressure pump , R.O. remain scale free and Removes old deposited scale from all surfaces including pipeline.

💧While washing clothes, less water and less washing powder or soap required for better results.

💧You will feel fresh after taking bath with this water and your hair will remain silky, may help to prevent hair loss and keep you away from skin disease and dry skin problems!

💧Gas and electric water heater requires less power consumption because of No scale deposition

💧Our Commercial devices are efficiently designed to treat pipe diameters from 1/2" to 8" for small and large commercial buildings and complexes. We provide all necessary knowledge and training for such applications and fulfill every requirements of clients all over india.


Commercial buildings.
Residential societies.
High rise buildings.
Hotels and restaurants.
Club houses & Shopping malls.
Educational institutions and schools .

Sudarshan water treatment technology is leading Mfr. Company in India having its own developed capacitance IMPULSE technology with 4 stage water softening process units for guaranteed solution of Hard water & scale.

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Cidco colony,
sectors 18. C/5/28. 1st floor, Panvel, New Bombay,
Phone : +91-98204-74954