How It Works

New Sudarshan capacitance impulse technology releases...programmed complexed module line High electronic frequency through copper cable coil winding on pipes. This capacitance impulse frequency effectively change & prevent different size of water molecules likely to form scale, impulse frequency same time breaks the Hydrogen Bond between opposite water molecules, this Results breakdown of large minerals crystals into tiny minerals particles and flush them away along with water in due course of time. Water treated with New capacitance impulse technology keeps liquid ions, water molecules Bond free for next 6 to 7 days and make water scale free, Non- corrosive & Best solvent.

When the Sudarshan Devices are fitted on a pipeline, the water flowing through the pipeline is subject to the intense, focused,effective Impulse frequency, The strong impulse frequency affects the physical structure of the Minerals,thereby altering their shape and physical properties. There is No chemistry involved, only physics. The Minerals continue to remain in the water, Now the altered physical state prevents the Minerals from exibiting hardness, thus the water become soft.

It treats the water with capacitance electric impulses which are generated in the electronic panel and are controlled by a computerized programmed micro-chips. The strong signal-frequencies are delivered via impulse-copper cable that are wrapped around the pipe. The strong impulse frequency Run through the copper cable wire, that changes the crystals and physical properties in the water as it flows by. Our patented 4 stage Impulse Model Technology modifies the crystallization of calcium and magnesium using the natural process of electrostatic . The crystals become smoother and rod-shaped Bond free and can no longer stick to each other. Limescale is now washed away in the water as a fine powder. The formation of new deposits is stopped. The more rod-shaped crystals that are created, the stronger the positive effect of limescale-prevention takes place. *Ca(HCO3)2 + impulse -> CaCo3 + CO2 + H2O * = Calcium carbonate converts into Bi-carbonate. ( Non soluble partcals covert into soluble particals) This positively charged ions in water now Results Scale free,Non corrosive and Best solvent Water. Our Double excitation capacitance impulse technology is programmed to kill the algae and stop corrosion formation simultaneously. The effect of impulse frequency remains in water for many days, This is the only technology in water 💧 conditioner that can keep water treated & scale-free for 5-7 days! Water can be stored! You can say it Most advanced, Unique, well programmed, Most innovative and futuristic technology indeed.

In Simple Language

When water comes under the influence of IMPULSE FREQUENCY the hard water ions are forced to precipitate. Impulse frequency alters the hard water ions in a suspended,polarizd form It changes the physical property of Hard water, same time it decomposes the molecule into a new form, It never forms hard scale at walls of pipe, surface and soil. It increases solubility of Water and make it best solvent.

CaCO3 (s) + CO2 (aq) + H2O (l) Ca2+ (aq) + 2HCO3- (aq)

After this process nature of opposite water molecules not to travel freely together,sticking to each other or developing cluster are being changed!and transformed in to 100% non-sticking & travel freely together. Like that they cannot develop any cluster or layer on water surface.Nature of water is now changed into best solvent water.


This is not a R.O. or water purifire, so it does not make any chemical changes in water, in fact it changes the physical properties of water and make water molecules, bond free, scale-free and more bio-available. This water is not recommended for drinking purpose.

Sudarshan water treatment technology is leading Mfr. Company in India having its own developed capacitance IMPULSE technology with 4 stage water softening process units for guaranteed solution of Hard water & scale.

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